CSQ Short Courses

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CSQ funded Short Courses 2021 – 2022

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Eligible participants are able to undertake up to :

RIICBS203DSafely handle bituminous materials
RIICCM202DIdentify, Locate and protect underground services
RIICOM301DCommunicate information
RIIHAN301EOperate elevating work platform
RIIHAN308FLoad and unload plant
RIIHAN309FConduct telescopic materials handler operations
RIIHAN311FConduct operations with an integrated materials handler
RIIRIS301DApply risk management processes
RIIWHS202DEnter and work in confined spaces
RIIWHS204DWork safely at heights
RIIWHS205DControl traffic with a stop/slow bat
RIIWHS303Dimplement traffic management plans
RIIWNG203DDrain and dewater civil construction site
RIICSCCSQ1Short course civil -CSQ Skill Set
RIIMPO317FConduct roller operations
RIIMPO318FConduct civil construction skid steer loader operations
RIIMPO319EConduct backhoe/loader operations
RIIMPO320FConduct civil construction excavator operations
RIIMPO331FConduct civil construction wheeled front end loader operations
RIIMPO322EConduct civil construction tracked front end loader operations
RIIMPO323EConduct civil construction dozer operations
RIIMPO324FConduct civil construction grader operations
RIIMPO325EConduct civil construction scraper operations
RIIMPO326EConduct water vehicle operations
RIIMPO337EConduct articulated haul truck operations
RIIMPO338EConduct rigid haul truck operations

Regions covered in this contract term

Central, Darling Downs,-Toowoomba, Far North, Gold Coast, Greater Brisbane, Mackay Whitsundays, Northern, South West, Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay